Two wheels in the left field.

I know what your thinking,

Why New Zealand?

Why not buy a bike when you get there?

Why are you bringing so much stuff?

Are you going alone?

Where in New Zealand are you going?

So many questions, I have been asked, and it left me to realise, even some I dont know the answer to… But I am on a journey to find out.

My journey to New Zealand began, when I lost a job I loved in the ONE place in all of Canada that I adored… Then I realised, where else in the world could I be living right now where the living could be better?

You know all those Instagram travellers, the ones who have thousands of likes and viewers and comments and admirers they don’t even know what to do with other then sell the next vacation from your 9-5? What they don’t tell you often, is how they make their money, and how they afford to travel, they usually just make some random blog to funnel you into their click bait cycle of “pay me so I can tell you how I took your money, and you can do the same! Just post awesome pictures of yourself sacrificing the money you just paid me to look cool and gain experiences but no real monetary value and convince others to pay you to learn how so they can do the same.” Sounds like pyramid scheme right?

Lets say this is one of the most inspirational turning points of my life, the realisation that I can work anywhere in the world, and live anywhere in the world. Maybe not forever, but do you know anyone who has lived in one home or city forever?

The trick to this whole lifestyle change of living in another country, living on the left side of the road, and living on a motorbike, is to simply change your perspective.

You do not need starbucks, or netflix, or facebook, instagram,

You don’t need a roof over your head, (ever heard of camping, to some that is the best time of their lives, and that’s a vacation),

You don’t need a consistent pay cheque ( Does anyone ever really have a promised pay cheque? Have you never been fired? Have you never worked for a company that went bankrupt? What about a business that was forced to shut down? Ever noticed your pay cheque missing a few hours because you were sick on monday?)

You do not need to plan the next 10 years of your life for life to happen, you just have to make a plan..

With all of this in mind, I changed my life to live on two wheels and live overseas and get a job overseas..

Only 9 months of preparation, and $30,000.00 savings, over $10,000.00 worth of new gear, $2500 in new repairs on my motorcycle, and $2500 in shipping, $6000 in flights, and $14,000.00 paid off in debt… Im proud to say I am READY to be on two wheels in the left field…

By this I mean, not only is New Zealand friendly to travellers vandwellers, and tenters, but also friendly to moto nomads like myself who have come from the right side of life, ( I mean the road…) to the left side of the field… I mean more sheep than people kinda field. Im talking, if you get into the left field those sheep are taking you and your two wheels down field.

Watch angry ram attacking biker here:

So begins my journey of blogging about what life on two wheels in new zealand riding on the left side of the road will be like.. and the feild.. the left side of the feild, avoiding as many sheep as possible like dodgeball, with my two wheels sport bike engine and dual sport tires.

8 thoughts on “Two wheels in the left field.

    1. Thanks so much rande! And THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! I’m super super excited for your donation to the trip and getting my bike fixed!! Thanks to andy I only paid $700 in parts.. $600 for compliance inspection, and $600 for road tax.. not expensive at all… LOL that’s not including import fees and repairs needed to be done before I even shipped her!! Every little bit helps so much!!

      I posted a new blog post about my upcoming sailing trip, check that out here:


  1. You write well! I just saw your blog on “Andy Mechanic” on YouTube. I am not familiar with WordPress and finding it a bit confusing. Have you not posted any photos or videos yet, or am I doing something wrong???

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    1. I just created this site and have been making content for the website over the last month!! Just posted a new blog post today, have to click on the name at the top of the page recklesslywildmedia and it will bring you to the home page. I only have 3 posts live currently!! Give me less than a month and there should be TONNES of blog posts and all of my wedding work and adventure photos and lots of video content coming asap!!! Stick around!! I’m going sailing this weekend to white island and will post on Monday all about the trip including drone footage and more!

      I’ve never written anything publically so I’m very cautious and slow about how I write.. haha took me a lot of balls to get on this website blogging and writing for people.. I have no voice yet and am just learning to curate words to interesting visuals haha bear with me!! Here’s my latest blog post this morning about learning to sail in the city of sails Auckland!

      P.s thanks for your comment and following from the andy mechanic channel, SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE YOU HERE!!


  2. Congrats Hope You Have the best time in life from this……. I would ride with you anytime if your in my area in the usa in the Chicago area and show you this town….. Best wishes and best adventure….


  3. Looking toward to following your adventures and hope to see ya with Andy as well.You’re definitely my favorite tool girl !!!


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