10 reasons to travel solo

Solo travel doesn’t have to be daunting.

When your travelling solo, it can seem like a lonely place. Hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed and of course you don’t know what would happen to you; being alone and all. The trick to solo travel is to remember that every city you travel to is just that, a city. Another city with another coffee shop, another gas station, another bus system, and another sky dive drop zone. Keep in mind that just because the media discusses all the bad things happening doesn’t mean that city is actually bad. You have to realise some of the most dangerous cities in the world to roam at night haven’t even been blogged about. You can make friends in every city you go, and in fact I encourage it! Nothing is better than knowing people worldwide!

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons for solo travel.

1: Synchronicties, everywhere!

When you travel solo for some odd reason you begin to notice all these weird alignments and coincidences that happen, I assure you they are not just coincidences, but synchronicities. There is something to be said about having no obligations, no people, no plans, no curfews, it tends to bring you really fun adventures you never would have experienced if you weren’t in that place at that time, by yourself. The freedom to do what you want when you want, and go where you want, at your own pace, brings you so much more opportunities!

Heres some synchronicities I had while travelling.

2: Imagine going to a new place, with no one else’s opinion, judgement, or schedule in the way!

Its really irritating to spend so much money on your plane tickets and accommodation to find out that you missed out on every event you wanted to do because you were so busy compromising for your friends. Travelling solo ensures you get to do every event and cafe and bar you want to go to without anyone judging you, or making fun of your sloppy drunk decisions you may regret the next day.. No one wants to remember those. Whats worse is trying to schedule your adventures around Susan’s fucking birthday, “damn it Susan, why is your birthday always on fucking new years?”.

3: No more waiting for your friends to get ready, losing them and searching everywhere for them, or the stress of losing contact/connection when you part ways.

Whats worse than a girlfriend who takes two hours to do her makeup before the all inclusive buffet dinner? Your buddy who’s so hung over from yesterday he hasn’t left the bed until after the buffet dinner ends. Guess we are eating dinner alone tonight… So get this scenario, you left the hotel key with your buddy who got drunk and went somewhere outside the club your at in downtown mexico… what do you do? Hope he answers the phone that has been dead since yesterdays party? Sometimes travelling with others can be a recipe for disaster.

4: Having to do events your not interested in.

I think this one explains itself…

5: Even worse, excursions that are too expensive for your budget.

Also, pretty straight forward…

6:No one forces you to go tocrowded events

no one wants to be a debbie downer, but if your like me, sometimes partying and spending loads of money on alcoholic beverages and music tickets isn’t your kind of way to meet people.

7: Everything is cheaper.

Well, simply put its always cheaper because you can choose where you go, when and how long, and how far you go. Two for one deals are ALL yours!! You don’t have the influence or outside pressures of someone else’s opinons, habits, or lifestyle. An example is when I learnt to how to eat living with a vegan, in New Zealand. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Heres how I learnt to eat like a vegan and why I decided it might be a good idea to try.

8: Freedom to abandon plans and make new ones.

When your at an event and find yourself meeting people, sometimes you get invites to other events, after parties and more travels or places to see. When your with a group or one other person this can either enhance, or limit your trip together. Nothing is worse than experiencing your home routines, while your paying the big bucks to travel. I find friends and family can be the biggest source of this homely routine-like lifestyle.

9: Become more approachable!

For some reason a lot of people are intimidated to really connect with a group of travellers. Perhaps because most assume they are on their own journey, enjoying their travels and plans made months in advance. When you are alone most people know your probably available to make plans with. Not to mention, its always easier to talk to one person at a time then listen to five people at a time. Save the effort of making the approach and just get comfortable being alone, and people will be gravitated towards talking to you. You just have to be sure to get out there, don’t wear those headphones, don’t play on your cellphone, and smile at everyone you see. You just never know who has the secret key to the next adventure you could have never had anywhere else in the world had someone else been with you.

10: no one knows anything about you!

Sometimes its nice to escape the usual. Get away from any reminders of everyday life. Soak in the summer sun, and forget about last weeks hard work to pay for this over priced mojito your sipping while thinking about this thought. Whats even better than all of this, is not having anyone around you know a thing about your demons, obligations, addictions, past, inhibitions, or crazy sex drive. Your world is now your oyster because you haven’t burnt any bridges, ruined any first impressions, or fucked any coworkers! Feel free to adventure limitlessly, becoming whomever your adventure turns your new found self on mushrooms into.


11: Whats better than learning more about yourself?

Speaking of turning your new found self into… Haven’t you ever just wanted to time travel to a place where you can overcome your fears/problems? Sometimes travelling solo gives you the freedom to explore within your mind, more than the place you travel. When you meet certain people along your path who just open your mind, change your perspective, there’s unlimited options for learning more about yourself and what you love. Travelling solo allows you to take notice to your subconscious behaviours, and preferences.

So give it a try! Travel Solo, and tell me how it went!

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