CITY OF SAILS: you have to try living on a yacht in NZ

When you get to NZ you wont be surprised by the amount of ships and yachts and boats that surround the bays along NZ waters. My recommendation is if you come to a place like this with so many islands surrounding you, it’s hard to get to them and rather expensive so crew a yacht!!   Or instead of spending the $5000-8000 on a van and paying gas fees a diesel distance fines (yes diesel DISTANCE fines..   you pay a fine for every 1000kms… on top of petrol and insurance and roadtax) go find yourself a nice little yacht and try it out yourself!

was lucky to stumble upon a captain of a ship while I was visiting the ngawha (pronounced naffa) hot pools in pahia. He brought me aboard his luxury yacht he was hired to repair and sail to Italy for the owner of the boat who is in Italy and wanted his yacht. I stayed aboard the ship for almost a full week and got to meet others who were also preparing their yachts for their journeys overseas on high waters.

After this little eye opener I realized it might be in my best interests to learn a new lifestyle while I’m surrounded by tones of yachties. I’ve lived in a house like a normal vancourite should paying overpriced rent fees and barely scraping by, to bouncing from hotel to hotel touring all of BC and AB as a dancer at strip clubs… to getting a campervan and continuing my journey from club to club, to then moving to NZ and while I wait for repairs on my motorbike done by Andy the Mechanic who by the way has a YouTube channel! Check that out if your curious to see me and the mechanic fixing away at my bike to get it ready for compliance after importing it from Canada!

Here’s one of the final videos of the trailer fitting! I bought a trailer because I have so much gear and need waterproofing and locking system for my camera equipment. Trail Tail from Kelowna had the PERFECT set up for me! But my bikes rear axle is tapered and a bit bigger than the axle pin to hook the trailer up, so andy machines up a special bushing to fit it nicely.. check it out!!

If your curious to see the trail tail trailer as well, give Terry Cox a shout and tell them sarah the GSXR offroader from Vancouver sent you! He will hook you up! I met him at the vancouver motorcycle show literally a week before my flight to NZ and this trailer was the final missing piece to my gear set up I needed!

Now living in my car is the least glamorous but one of the cheapest methods of living in NZ you can find in the winter.. like hell will I be riding the south island in the winter friends. I’m crazy but not that crazy.. I had this moment where I realized there IS another way to be a nomad and still have a humble abode. I present to you #YACHTLIFE.

When I found out in NZ they dont require schooling or licenses to own and operate a yacht on NZ waters I realized I had my chance to try a new lifestyle. Given I have NO clue anything about boats and yachts I decided it would be a good idea to find a yacht that need crew! I wandered into a few yacht clubs and marinas, talked to owners of boats, engineers in boat yards fixing boats, and looked at boats within a $ 5000.00 range just to see what kind of options were out there for my budget and what I might need to learn to operate one… Would be silly to learn how to crew a cruise ship compared to a tiny yacht wouldn’t it? I created an account on and within a week I had a fellow professional yachtie needing crew to join him along his weekend sail trips to the surrounding islands and in exchange he teaches everything about how to operate a yacht!

I’m bringing my camera gear (minus the nebula 5100 stabilizer that decided to quit on me) and I will be filming the whole adventure and updating you guys later on what I learn and the surrounding islands we check out!

Beyond excited to have such a unique experience in NZ catered to my dream lifestyle! Does it get any better than this??!

Go try out findacrew in your local area and see what yacht life is all about! You never know who needs a crew member to get them sailing to the coolest islands or even overseas to Italy like my new friend Leo! Lucky bugger.. have fun sailing to Italy without me!!!

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