How to find your purpose while travelling

Do yourself a favor and answer these 5 questions.

1: Why do you want to travel?

– Everyone travels for different reasons. Sometimes that reason is your purpose. Whether your trying to find yourself, love, a new job, a new home, see amazing things, or explore hobbies you cant do in your home town, or find a career, change your lifestyle, theres TONNES of reasons people travel.. The first step to figuring out your travelling purpose is to understand what truly motivates you to book that flight. Sometimes I’ll even admit, I’ve booked a flight for the wrong reasons and while the journey was great, it was a dead end, and when I left, the journey hadn’t even began yet, and I knew I had to come back to redo the trip. I began to question whether I was just wasting my time on that trip, and if I could have done something better with my time.

I take Hawaii as an example.. Would you believe me if I told you I got tinder plus and matched with an army boy and thought it would be a cool idea to live in the US army barracks in Hawaii for a weekend? That was a BUST and a sketchy endeavor.. Never flying for a person I’ve never met again. The trip turned out amazing in the end, however the purpose of the trip didnt fulfill my true purpose for travelling and now I have to go back to Hawaii and do it all over again. The right way.

2: While travelling who do you want to meet?

– Consider the type of people your going to run into when your on your journey.. For me there has been 3 types:

The ones you DONT want to see:

Police, physical assaulters, road ragers, foreigners and criminals or any dangerous threats. (P.s foreigners often keep their home culture, and do not understand or care for the local lifestyle. Often they have nothing in common with the place your visiting and chances are, they are useless to you while travelling.. and well, the others are pretty straight forward.)

The ones you DO want to see:

Cultured locals, travellers, and people who will become friends for years to come, people who will save your butt when your in trouble, and those who cater to your purpose.

The ones you WISH you could run into:

Once again those purpose fulfilling angels, possibly true love, the one that leads you closer to your career goals, those magical little people who coincidentally fit perfectly in life at THAT moment, and happen to have the keys that you need to get you to where you need to be. *not always purposeful but often useful*.

3: What do you enjoy doing while you travel?

– Consider the activities and things you buy and places your going to stay for the night. These all affect who you run into, and how valuable they are to your purpose, and can affect how much closer you will become to FINDING that purpose if you haven’t yet.

*Adventures and excursions will lead you to people who are also lost and looking for fun but perhaps have no real long term goals or plans.

* Cafes restaurants and bars all have their own niche vibes and bring in different types of people, consider which ones may hone in closest to your purpose as your environment will affect your network connections and the type of people you run into.

*If your like me you spend a lot of time in secluded places, where you run into the odd ball who’s off lost wandering like you; and perhaps is just about as confused as to what to do for the future as well, and has no real plan, OR such a concrete solo plan they dont want anyone joining them, hence being alone in a secluded place with few people.

* Living in a campervan versus living in a car, living on a sailboat or a motorbike, woofing, house sitting, pet sitting, couch surfing, working for free accommodation, hostels, hotels, resorts, and camping. All of these are going to introduce sooo many different walks of life to you.. please be VERY cautious about which one you choose as this is the BIGGEST deciding factor on who you meet how long your going to cross paths for, and the quality of lifestyles they are living.

1: Some you cannot join their journey (motorbiking, car dwelling, hotels, woofing, house sitting, pet sitting)

2: Some are just WAITING for you or begging for you to come join them! (Yacht living, vanlife, hostels, resorts, campgrounds)

3: Some are just a solo journey only. And you have to be ok with that. (Basically same as the ones you cant join others journey.. )

4: What is your moral compass?

– When you travel depending on how you view the world and cultures and what your perspective is on what you value in life, will greatly shape what you do with your time.

For some, they need a career, so they can have a stable home to grow a family.

Some believe life passes you by too quickly and stay single and always meet new people and try new things and eat new food and their world is their oyster.

For others they believe in sustainability, and need to live life with the least footprint possible, backpacking or living in a camper van or on a motorbike, and only paying for necessicities not tourist activities.

Some believe in doing the list of things they always wanted to do, that infamous bucket list.

As you can see your moral compass will greatly shape your itinerary.

5: Is travel a temporary trip or a permanent journey for you?

Depending on whether you plan to quit your job and travel full time or not, or simply just go for a little vacation for awhile will greatly shape how much travelling can truly cater to your purpose! If your looking to grow a career in travel but constantly spend time in the bush alone, and only for brief periods of time, well theres no value in that, and it’s hard to find any income with this plan. Often, travelling fulltime is the only way to make travel fit your purpose. So definitly something to consider if your not just looking for an escape from reality but looking to turn your dreams into a reality.

After you have answered all of this, hopefully your starting to get a visual for the type of travel you’ll be doing, the goals you have along the way, and who your going to meet, and where you can find those people who will rock and shape your world into the dreams you’ve been having.

Did you find your purpose while travelling? What is it?! How did you find it? Comment below I’d love to hear your experiences and see what your travel purpose is!

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