When your travelling you meet 3 walks of life.

The good the bad and the ugly of travelling…

As your doing your solo travels, you’ll notice theres a few people out there living very different lives, as we all do of course.

However you can clearly categorize this, by the sum of their daily life, and the sum of a month in their life… And the results of how they can connect with you will greatly affect your experience travelling.

1: Travellers.

They actually get out there. They give up everything to have nothing but scenery and hope to make lasting connections, on a momentary basis. The chances of you meeting them are slim, because they are always out and about finding affordable things to do, or the most expensive craziest thing. You often cant keep up with their itinerary, and their schedule is either jam packed, or so flexible they never leave you. They only have so long to make the most of your company, and they strive to live it to the fullest. This doesnt always mean that they are genuine or authentic, but rather living like it’s their last moment with you. They leave you feeling like you meant something special to them, but then they leave and continue their journey with someone else. Really these people mean the most full hearted intentions, however their journey cannot be with you long term, and short term is all they can offer. Rarely will you see them again, and if you do, they are a bloody gem and value these ones. They will probably fly to the ends of the earth for you. Simply because well, that’s what they do.

2: Daily livers.

These people may also be travellers but they are not currently, or do not wish to be. Often they have long term goals, a support system, a local home, a local job, a local coffee shop, and their 3 favourite activities and that’s all they do. They wont join you. They dont care to hear about your journey. They get tired of travellers ruining their routine with their excitement and zest for life experiencing even the same activities these daily livers do. Often they live that normal 9-5 life or weekend warrior life, or only vacation life.. The only time they travel is when they get to finally book time off work.. This is NORMAL life friends. If your blessed to live any other way, heaven forbid you talk about it with these normal people as they get offended. Be careful with these types, if your a traveller like me. Tread lightly. Do not stick around for long. They get tired of you far too quick. But never tire of their 9-5, schooling, accomplishing-goals-life. Theres nothing wrong with these people but they will HOLD YOU BACK. They will make you feel GUILTY for living free and caring less about money than they do.. They will make you feel like shit when things go sideways… And as a traveller that’s the BEST part of our journey is when things go sideways, the real unpredictable adventure, and the real test of our skills comes into play about how much we want to survive living that carefree life. Not to mention they look down upon how you live your unusual life, they insult you for not taking care of yourself or neglecting the things that maybe they are OCD about.. They will make you question your existence and wonder what the hell is life really all about?!

3: Those who wish they could do both.

These people are the ones who tend to sway between both worlds. These people are GEMS. They understand both walks of life and are far more understanding however unpredictable. You never do know where they stand when it comes to activities and freedom and making last minute plans, or long term plans.. These people either show up, or they dont. They either stay up all night and blow their main plans for you, or they will cancel and say they have real life to live. You just never know with these ones. BUT one thing is for sure, is they are understanding. THEY GET IT. They know they have goals, but they constantly desire freedom. They sometimes will frown upon the travellers, and frown upon those living daily life …. They get jealous easily because they know they can do what your doing to, just maybe not yet! Or they wont fully commit to the freedom lifestyle simply because of fear of not reaching their goals.

I do not mean to bash or insult anyone with these observations and stereotyping however there is a very consistent behaviour and results of these type of people living certain types of lives.

Are there any other walks of life you can think of I may have missed when your travelling?!

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