Saying bye to the life that I know. Home sick without a home.

When you’ve travelled so long you dont remember what place you belong. Your family and friends from everywhere reach out and say they miss you…

But it just didnt feel like home yet. You keep looking for the next best place you can find that feels like home… You know it wont last for long.

You start to realize how is it even possible to miss a place that doesnt exist?

If you could be in all places at the same time; do you think the home sickness would go away?

What is homesickness? The fond feeling of comfort and security? Does that even belong in one location? Is there such thing as portable comfort and security?

I hope my motorbike can bring this, because if it cant, a van cant, and a car cant, nor a house or a tent… What else is left? I’ll get back to that yacht idea soon enough..

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