Travel hurts. Heres why:

You spend so much of your heart and soul into every moment of bliss.

When it’s gone theres those moments you’ll miss.

You feel empty. Lost. Confused.

Will you ever feel like that again? Will you see them again?

Travelling brings about every day a new beginning and a new ending, the possibilities are endless if you keep your heart open but it’s hard to keep together when you have all these missing pieces of you moving around the world without you.

You can feel your heart strings pull harder the further they get. As a traveller often you will meet travellers of course! However only for a brief time because someone’s gonna travel first, and when you meet locals, well

.. travellers still travel.. Theres never a place to call home because your home is everywhere. Theres never a moment you would want to feel twice because theres just enough time to live all those other moments your looking to experience.

When your travelling its impossible to believe you can relive any moment the same. So every day it’s like losing another limb of your body, to the moments you felt the most bliss.

Eventually when it’s all over you sit back and think “what a trip!!! Let’s do it again”

And the process repeats.

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