Find my social media profiles for more content and behind the scenes real life adventures in real time!


Hold your knickers theres a few accounts here… all for different reason!

1 recklessly wild media personal profile: @recklesslywild_

2 recklessly wild media main content page: @recklesslywildmedia

3 recklessly wild facebook page at if you prefer to see the FB posts that also update you on the blog posts and casting calls for adventure projects and all ideas and philosophies around the world we support.

4: personal profile on fb sarah thiessen.

5: my personal phone number. yes. If you need to get ahold of me for ANYTHING regarding the blog, my website, images, videos, personal projects, world views, reckless adventures, or any upcoming projects you’d like me to cover for you with my photo and video abilities, give me a call! Consider this like my business card in blog format! 021588227 NZ phone number.

6 email!! If you want to chit chat about future weddings or engagements or adventure projects, sent me an email and I do all my bookings from

7 because this is a personal blog and I’m sure I may have a few admirers.. theres a special home for you friends, to embrace your other wild side.. Angel Ryder on FB. Add me! My stripper profile. Yes… I have a public stripper profile and like hell am I ashamed of it. Follow my dancing adventures and nudie photos taken all over NZ beautiful hot spots! Content is slow atm, but is coming still as winter ends and turns into summer!

8 ok.. I have a dancer instagram… can you guess what it is?! …. *crickets* ok ok I’ll tell you…. @angelrydes

9 and for my personal adventure instagram page from Canada and dancing life combined.. @sugarsharai this account is a veteran account and goes WAYYYY back.. so if your feeling SUPER stalky about my life that’s the one to go to.

10 for a more catered adventures only page with very few sexy pictures mostly adventures and epic shit from mostly NZ and a bit of Canada, @wandered.and.lost

Phew. That is all for now. Thanks guys!!! I promise to follow you back if you let me know you follow me from the blog! Xoxoxox

Live recklessly wild for me.

Or just live to ride. ❤



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