So what is Recklessly Wild Media all about?

4 words.

Reckless Adventures Wild hearts.

For the wild adventurers, living life sustainably, and recklessly. They go sleepless nights filled with passion dreaming of their next adventure. Spend months if not moments planning how to make this dream happen, and years actually LIVING it. They are the talented, skilled, artistic, creative, spontaneous, adventurous, carefree, freespirited, happy-go-lucky, wild souls that simply cannot be held down, or slowed down.

I’ve created a blog to connect with these beautiful creatures, who live life on the edge and dont let fear stop them. I have also been longing to capture these epic moments of bliss and creative energy, exploding into these beautiful inspiring magic moments you cant find in any other persons world.

Only the recklessly wild ones know what I’m talking about. We are the shape shifters, the ones who can be chameleons in any environment and tackle it like it’s nothing, while others stand by and admire. Our success leads others to try and do new things as well as accept our logical ideas and philosophies of life.

Only the recklessly wild hearts know what we have to do to make a difference in the world. Whether its through our ideas, creations, consistency in a sustainable lifestyle, inspiring others as you’d call it “social influencers” these are our ways of changing the world into something more wild, more fearless, and more empowered than ever before.

In the life of a recklessly wild heart, you will typically see a lot of moments for down time self reflection, meditation, yoga, hobbies of stillness or fast motion to feel either a progression of moment, or thought.

We live life not caring what others think because we know our lives are so reckless we probably may not live very long either, as long as the impact we can create goes far beyond our legacy, to the point where you dont even know who started the idea anymore..

We want to make living life more eco friendly because the world is our playground. The world is where we find peace and harmony, and we have enough intelligence, and instant connection now than we ever have before. Theres simply no reason to not try to influence and create positive eco friendly changes.

Throughout my projects I will be highlighting a lot of the cultural changes and lifestyle changes and ways to reduce your footprint. Ways to connect with locals and create a real difference specifically on plastic pollution efforts water conservation and consumable items.

And for those of us who cannot do our full part, we are out there spreading the word of those who can, for us, because we all know sometimes living sustainably CAN be unrealistic and uncomfortable and just simply… Not what you’re willing to accept as socially acceptable.

Recklessly Wild Media will be featuring lots of fun and creative content from places all over the world where people are living life recklessly and wild. The way life should be.

For now… heres a few pictures of some of New Zealands coolest places to see and do for free! ( we mentioned being sustainable right… no one is meant to be a slave to an invisible currency ).

Comment below if your curious about any of the photographs or want to know where the hidden spot was, or how the images were taken!! I love sharing photography techniques and will do more posts about how to take epic pictures as well as what gear I use later on with full detailed photos and videos!

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