Surfing the best waves in the world

Raglan.. What more can I say?

When you think of raglan you think of surf die hards that just dont stop. The weather is never too cold to surf. Sometimes the water is warmer than the air and its storming, and full moon and they are still out there surfing in the black of the night.

These waves have so many options just minutes from the small surf town Raglan in New Zealand. If you haven’t heard of it yet you need to be aware. Theres a culture. Theres locals. There is surf ettiquette. There is a lifestyle here.

Probably smelling of salt and skunk and adrenaline chilled vibes. Humbleness, laughter, and no concept of time, only ocean flow.

These people wait 30 minutes just to hit a wave they are so darn worth it. At Manu bay the left hand peel is the LONGEST WAVE IN THE WORLD. Even on a bad day it’s the longest wave with a hydro foil.

You’ll see paddleboarders hitting these waves like its home. Body surfers tearing it up harder than the real surfers. And regular surfers body surfing?! This stuff is out of its world and I’m here in the off season.

When you come here it doesnt seem like much until you let the lifestyle of surfing take over, you realize its about connection, surfing, skate boarding, and just meeting the locals.

It’s a more social environment than most surf cultures I find and a huge hierarchy with people from YEARS ago still coming here. Dont be shy if you see older gentleman and women tearing up the surf harder than you do, they might be willing to teach you a thing or two.

When your not surfing your photographing it, watching it like the best sport episode on TV you’ve ever seen in your life, or longboarding waiting between the waves and cohersing others to whip their skate boards and longboards out, stretching for the next wave, or showering in water colder than the sea after a solid sweaty day of surfing..

Did I mention the water is a solid 18° when the weather is 0°? Where else in the world is being surrounded by water warmer than the air like this?! In the winter?!

People surf all year. You never know, regularly you’ll get 1.3 meter waves at manu bay, and when its bad at manu bay, its epic at ngarunui beach. But on a stormy day you get 15 foot swells! Sometimes more!

Even if your a beginner this place has a wave for you. And a consistent one at that. The waves here are fairly predictable given good consistent wind conditions.

Stay tuned for some photos and videos on this post of raglan and the surfers! I will be sticking around til Tuesday to see how the 15 foot swell looks… Fingers crossed a die hard gets out there to try the epic surfing on the longest left hand peel in the world at manu bay with 15 foot swelling barrel waves..

The sounds here remind me of chirping birds, laughter, crashing waves, screaming of passion and excitment for life, and chilled out vibes with good beach tunes.

The sunsets are phenomenal and the sunrises are almost better.. you cant decide which you like more because the waves at both ends are just as epic, with high tide coming in at sunrise, and peaking again at sunset.

Best place to film the waves I tell you this place is NOT short of talent. I dont think surfing gets any better on a regular surf day than raglan. Seriously people will bust moves on the least impressive waves and make you want to get out there and wait for the next one.

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