10 things to do in NZ on cold rainy days.

When the weather is bad and your living in your car things can get a bit dull. Dont let the rain stop you from having an awesome time in new Zealand. There are LOTS of things to do to either embrace the weather, or hide from it!

1: Surfing!!

Often when the weather is bad the waves can still be good enough!

2: Scuba diving!

If your wet anyways does the weather really matter?

3: Read a book

or catch up on editing photos and videos.

4: Get a hostel

and make some friends! Everyone in the hostel is typically kicking around on rainy days so it’s a good way to meet the travellers, when they arent out and about adventuring! Solscape hostel has an amazing set up for surfing raglan and rainy days! Complete with community fireplace and kitchen common area, patio lookout views at the waves, rentals for surf gear and wet suits, yoga studio, yoga lessons, a vegan cafe, all cooked with food from their veggie garden! Railway car bunk rooms, and individual railway cars. Earth domes, and tipis in the forest. A fresh mountain water spring fountain to cleanse and drink from. Friendly woofing staff and a really open minded group of people, all with amazing vibes!

5: Library

Yes the good ole library. Free wifi, free social environment, and books everywhere! Computers set up and waiting for you to get down to business on whatever you need catching up on!

6: Laundry day

clean the car day, shopping day, get your gear ready for the next trip!

7: Catch up with family at home

I mean REALLY catch up, facetime Skype or facebook messenger calling are amazing ways to kill time and be social when no one else is around.

8: Cave exploring!

If its wet outside it’s probably only damp in the cave. Go explore and get your head out of the pouring rain and into the dripping stalagtites!

9: Set up a tent.

Chill all day! What’s better than a rest day?!

10: Museums and art galleries.

They are a good way to pass the time and get to know the history and local culture of the environment.. maybe even find a gift or two in the gift shop for some friends back home!

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