Becoming a creature of habit.

When you find a place you can do everything you love, you finally want to stay there and do it every day.

Often you’ll find this leads to thinking about a future and how you can latch on to the comfortability of having everything you want at your fingertips, much like the vanlife.. Pst… check my vanlife post here!

I believe Raglan to be one of those places. I feel content to doing nothing here. I feel content wasting my days among the waves and the laid back culture of the infamous surfers. If your not surfing your skating, or scootering tricks on the pump track. Kids I’m talking here.. The older folk still hit the surf and they are like the first generation surfers in raglan. Veterans. Now they teach their kids stuff at the pump track when they arent surfing.

Theres a real sense of sport and community here. Not many will be afraid to say hi, even if you are. Shhhh… dont tell anyone I’m still terrified to approach people. (I do..But usually when I’m in my most comfortable happiest moods).

It’s really hard not to want to end my journey here and just stay. Nope dont need to see the rest of the world. Just wanna be here everyday. I found my paradise. One of many I am sure.

Theres something to be said about us nomadic types that latch onto places where they give us that sense of wanderlust, and travel, but we dont have to go anywhere. I think that’s what we all wish we could experience.

Which is why I decided to move to New Zealand, I just had a funny feeling this place had a place I could be still with, content with, satisfied with little to nothing but this moment, and the next.

That’s a rare thing to find and I hope you can find that for yourself among your travels. I finally understand why some of us become a creature of habit. We find a place to call home.

Have you found a place you call home? How did it make you feel to be there and what brought you to go there in the first place?!

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